FEKM-UK (Mailchimp API)

Project Link: http://www.fekm-uk.com

About Company:
The FEKM-UK is the UK branch of the European Federation of Krav Maga, which is the self defence system used by the Israeli army.

The Project:
We were approached to create their entire online system which is comprised of their corporate site, the club websites and the back-end database club and member management system.

They already had an existing management database but using it was inefficient and time consuming. They needed to find a better and less admin heavy way to manage their members. For example, finding and grouping students for emailing specific, relevant content.

No Problem Web Design was to create an API integration between their MSSQL database and Mailchimp in order to be able to communicate more effectively with the students at all stages of their membership lifecycle.

We Delivered:
>> Multi-sites: Custom WordPress plugin development
>> Management database development and member management system
>> API / Third party integrations – Mailchimp email software
>> Custom 3rd Party API Integration with MSSQL Database


The FEKM website has a branded, uncluttered layout. It is designed to appeal to both those who would like to train and those would want to open their own FEKM-UK clubs. The site has its own booking and payment systems which link to the database and the email software.
The Club and the Corporate sites were built on a WordPress multisite to enable one click generation of new club websites.

The website and integrations were achieved by MSSQL back end to manage all the Club and Member information. API’s were built to enable the various websites to access all of the relevant information.

The Mailchimp custom tagging method was considered to be the best way to utilise the API. Looking at the members database, it was possible to tag members based on the club that they attended, their current grade, whether they were an adult or a junior, what type of membership they subscribed to and the courses that they attended. The API was set up to be able to add or remove tags as required so that the audience on mailchimp was kept relevant and also in sync with any changes on the MSSQL database.

The customer used this solution to set up automated emails with training content for members obtaining different grades, changing status or attending courses, so that as the tag changed via the Mailchimp API, different content was automatically sent.

“No Problem Web Design created a site based on our requirements and we couldn’t be happier. The site looks great and it’s easy to navigate so we’ve had an increase in orders. The back-end is so much easier to manage and we can send emails to our participants more easily. They’re also quick to make any adjustments we need. We are happy to continue working with them.”

Yann Vei, FEKM-UK Technical Director.

  • Showing the allocated Tags on the Mailchimp Audience Page
  • Showing the audience selection area on the MSSQL database

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