custom wordpress themes

Custom Wordpress Themes

We're a team of web developers building custom responsive WordPress websites that are lean, fast and search engine optimised.

Custom WordPress themes may seem like a bit of a luxury. After all, there are hundreds and thousands of available WordPress themes out there which you could purchase and install.

At face value, they seem perfect and it feels like they were built just for your business. However, dig a bit deeper and you soon realise that the theme doesn’t have all the functionality that you want and need. Take a look under the hood, and there may be even bigger issues that you are not aware of.

To make sure your website is safe, secure, fully responsive and looks and feels exactly how you want, contact us to discuss your project or submit our website planner where you can specify your timeline, budget and details of your project.


  • Customised look & feel
  • No WordPress theme limitations
  • Fully responsive

Custom WordPress Theme Projects

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