Wordpress plugin development

Wordpress Plugin Development

Get fine grain control of your website with our custom plugin development and customisation services.

When you have a custom developed WordPress website, sometimes standard plugins will not have all the functionality you require. Clients often waste time trying to get standard solutions to work and end up frustrated. This is where custom WordPress plugin development comes in.

People often don’t understand the difference between a plugin and a theme.

A theme is a set of templates and styles used to define the look of your website. A plugin is a piece of code that can extend or add new functionality to your website.

By having a custom plugin developed, you run less risk than installing plugins from the internet which could potentially introduce malicious code, slow your site down, cause errors and vulnerabilities.

Contact us or submit our website planner tool where you can specify your timeline, budget and details of your plugin requirements.


  • Add/Extend website functionality
  • Lower risk

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