Third Party API Integration

Simplify your workflow by integrating with existing API's and eliminate duplicate data across platforms.

In order to understand how third party API integration can streamline your business, let’s first look at what an API is and why you might need it.

What is an API?

Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) are publicly available web-based interfaces that return data, likely in JSON or XML, allowing you to get data from outside sources. This means that a mobile app, web app and TV app could all get the same data from a single source, eliminating duplicate data across platforms.

Why use an API?

API’s allow you to provide data and services to your customers without them having to leave your website. Since API’s return purely data, there is lower overhead due to the site not having to render additional resources such as images.

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  • Utilise the power of other platforms
  • Expand your capabilities
  • Connect to other data sources

Third Party API Integration Projects

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