Restaurant Story


About Company:
Gaining its Michelin star after only five months after opening, Restaurant Story tells its story of British food through an ever-evolving tasting menu of seasonal dishes.

Restaurant story was looking for a way to increase communications with clients from the website while reducing admin. The brief for this was to create an API integration between their MSSQL database and Mailchimp in order to be able to communicate more effectively.

We delivered:
>> API Integration between their database (MSSQL) and Mailchimp email software.

The customer used this to share specific content relevant to the audience based on information requested on the website.

The integration was set up to be able to easily add or remove information (such as preferences and purchasing history). This meant that the audience on Mailchimp was kept relevant and also in sync with any changes on the database.

Email subscribers were automatically captured and received relevant communications based on their tags / information on the database. As the tag changed via the Mailchimp API, different content was automatically sent. They also received a series of automated emails with various relevant topics.

See image below for an Email Campaign example.

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